18. lokakuuta 2013

International Week for TAMK School of Vocational Teacher Education in May 2014

TAOKK organises its second international week for international partners in May 2014. The theme of the week is Individual Learning Paths and the program will include different presentations, discussions, excursions and other activities around this theme.

A part of this international week is the closing seminar for Disseminating Inclusive Practices -project. The closing seminar will be held on 6th May 2014. More informtation about the international week and closing seminar for DIP -project will be given soon.

TAOKK organised its first international week in April 2011 and this week gave us the enthusiasm to make this international week a biennal event. Hopefully we will get as many and active partners to participate as we did for the first time.

Some memories from our last international week can be seen below.

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