23. toukokuuta 2013

Checklist for Inclusive Learning Environment

TAOKK is running an ESF-funded project called Disseminating Inclusive practices (DIP). Disseminating Inclusive Practices project focuses on preventing youth exclusion and increasing inclusion. These themes are an important development focus area for upper secondary and university education in Europe and in Finland. The DIP -project has continued directly disseminating and further developing the innovations and processes created in former ESF projects in an international work environment. These former projects have created and developed inclusive models which support social development for vocational education and universities. The themes of Disseminating Inclusive Practices project are accessibility in education, guidance and special guidance, special needs education, preventing drop-outs as well as promoting the students’ participation and commitment.

The first results of this two-year project will be presented in ATEE Conference. This conference will be held in Halden, Norway in August 2013. The DIP -project team is having a poster session in this conference. In this poster session we will present a practical tool for evaluating and developing inclusive learning environments. The aim of the poster session is to create a general overview of the key elements comprising inclusive learning environment and give some perspectives for developing student involution and participatory learning. In addition, this poster session gives an overview of the project Disseminating Inclusive Practices. 

The checklist for inclusive learning environment includes themes such as promoting student involution, enhancing participatory pedagogy and learning in educational institutes as well as developing regional cooperation and multiprofessionalism. The checklist is a practical tool for teachers and administrative staff and this list is aimed at describing and evaluating the present state of inclusive learning environment. Checklist includes the critical elements of inclusive learning environment and gives guidelines to developing inclusive practices.

See more about the DIP -project in project blog: http://disseminatinginclusive.blogspot.com


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