12. kesäkuuta 2017

Greetings from TAOK trainees!

Hello TAMK!

We are Alena and Jana – two students from the Czech Republic. We are trainees at TAMK. In our country, we study at the Czech University of Life Sciences, our bachelor programme is called Guidance in Vocational Education.

We arrived in Tampere on 31th May, so we have now been here for more than a week. During our first week, we managed to get lost a few times, get confused by your buses, meet loads of new people but most importantly – we totally fell in love with your city!

We definitely agree with the nickname that locals gave to Tampere – Manchester – but not because of the brick buildings, but we think that it is due to the constantly changing weather.

A lot of things surprised us. For example, the gambling situation here. The gambling machines are everywhere. And we are not sure what to think of it…. you must get paid a lot. ;)

The fact that Finns seem to drink milk and coffee with every meal was also surprising. And maybe, if the buses could start to announce the next stop, it would be less confusing and we would not have to be so nervous that we would forgotten to press the button and miss our stop. Thanks!

Maybe the last weird thing that is worth mentioning - everybody here is very welcoming and helpful. (Forget the stereotype that Finns are “antisocial”. You are not! ;) ) And almost everybody can speak English. Even if we find somebody that can’t, there is always some other person prepared to happily help us.

Thank you for having us!

Alenka and Janička 

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